Sexy Pics of Jessica Seinfeld

It is true that Jessica Seinfeld isn’t the first woman guys think of when they think of a sexy woman. Guys usually think about Kim Kardashian Sexy Pictures and some other hot chicks, but the good wife of Jerry Seinfeld has had a makeover. She is sporting a new edgy haircut that is making all the guys go wild. Plus, check out those legs! They are on fire. Seinfeld is very active on her Twitter account and she is always making jokes on it. No wonder her and Jerry make an amazing couple.

Stars Katharine McPhee & Jeremy Jordan Of NBC Hit Show “Smash” On Set In New York City

Earlier this week, stars Katharine McPhee and Jeremy Jordan were caught on the set of NBC’s hit show Smash in New York City. If you haven’t heard about Smash yet, then you haven’t been living. Smash is the all new American musical drama series that revolves around a new development of a Broadway musical. The series premiered on February 6, 2012. The show has been nominated for many several awards and has even won Most Exciting New Series from Television Critics Association Awards. The show has already been signed up for the second season as of March 22, 2012.

(Image via Flynet)

Natalie Portman stars in Thor

You win an Academy Award and then what do you do with your career? Star in a hit superhero movie, of course! That’s at least what our favorite little Nymph Natalie Portman is doing, as she is going to be starring in the hottest movie of the summer…Thor! The movie is about a Norse God who comes to earth to kick some ass, and Portman is going to play his interest. We don’t watch a lot of comic book movies here at Oscar Nights, but we sure will keep an eye on this one!