Katie Chonacas Had Supporting Roles In Major Movie Star As Amber Thick As

Pictures of Katie Chonacas

Chonacas was born in Detroit, Michigan. She had supporting roles in Major Movie Star as Amber, Thick as Thieves as June, and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans as Tina. Chonacas began modeling at the age of three, and booked nearly every job for which she would audition. Her crossover from modeling to acting was seamless, landing roles on top television series such as CBS’s CSI: New York and FX Network’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She was chosen out of a large L.A. talent pool to be the lead in Pink’s music video Who Knew, directed by Samuel Bayer. She was also featured wearing Gucci in Hilary Duff’s music video Stranger. Chonacas continues to pursue creative avenues as a painter. Chonacas is of Greek (patrilineal) and German (matrilineal) decent.